Several options are available to pause monitoring. You can pause monitoring for a single sensor or for an entire device, group, or probe.

Pause by Intention (Manually or by Schedule)

Navigate to an object in the device tree and select Pause from the context menu.

You can select Pause Indefinitely, or you can pause the object For 5 Minutes, For 15 Minutes, For 1 Hour, For 3 Hours, For 1 Day, or Until a specific date. If you select Until, you can additionally define a time period. Use the date time picker to enter the date and time. The object automatically resumes monitoring after this time period.

You can also set up a One-time Maintenance Window to automatically pause an object at a specified time. In the dialog that appears, define the start and end date of the maintenance window. Use the date time picker to enter the date and time.

i_round_blueTo cancel an active maintenance window before the defined end date, change the time entry under Maintenance Ends to a date in the past.

i_round_blueIf you select b_pause from an object's hover popup, the object is paused indefinitely until you resume monitoring again.

When you select a pause option, a dialog appears in which you can optionally enter a message. PRTG shows the message in the object's status message as long as the object is in the Paused status. Confirm with OK to pause the object.

Pause Message Prompt

Pause Message Prompt

You can also pause monitoring via schedules. If you pause a master sensor by schedule or manually, you do not trigger a status change by dependency.
i_square_cyanFor more information, see the Knowledge Base: Why will dependent objects not automatically pause when I pause the master object?
i_round_redWhile a sensor is in the Paused status, it does not collect any monitoring data, it does not change its status, and it does not trigger any notifications. An object also keeps the Paused status after a restart of PRTG.

Pause by Hierarchy

If you pause monitoring for an object in the device tree, PRTG pauses all objects underneath in the object hierarchy as well. For example, if you pause a group, PRTG also pauses all sensors on all devices in this group. After you pause an object, you can resume monitoring at any time by selecting Resume from the context menu.

i_round_blueYou cannot resume monitoring for single child objects that are paused by a parent object. You can only resume the object that you originally set to the Paused status.

Pause by Dependency

There is a way to automatically pause objects by dependency. If you have a master sensor, for example, a master Ping sensor for a device, PRTG can automatically pause all dependent sensors on the device if the master sensor shows the Down status.

i_square_cyanFor more information, see section Dependencies.


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Why will dependent objects not automatically pause when I pause the master object?